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TFO Learning activities

Discover reliable learning activities aligned with the curriculum of Ontario, from kindergarten through 8th grade, in every subject! Join us in these simple, engaging, free interactive resources. With these activities, you can effectively support your children in their learning!

Support your child’s learning!

Aligned with every subject in the curriculum

Discover curriculum requirements and make a plan using these learning activities to help your child see, progress, review and consolidate his or her learning, in every subject from kindergarten to 8th grade. You can use these resources to complement the education your child receives in school, at a distance or at home.

Cultural diversity, equity and inclusion

These activities promote the wealth of our cultural diversity and the principles of equity and inclusion. They also promote Indigenous culture and French-language culture.

Accessible, universal and meaningful

Focus on a single subject at a time or many subjects in a transdisciplinary approach. The activities allow students to learn at their own pace and present meaningful resources. They account for the specific needs of the students and provide options such as narration, screen reading, video supports and keyboard navigation.

Free and secure

These learning activities are easily accessible in a secure space. They are provided free of charge, with no hidden fees or online advertising.

Go further in learning!

These learning activities are short online learning modules for students of every subject from kindergarten through Grade 8. They were designed for school staff in Ontario, and based on the province’s curriculum expectations.

These activities are interactive and fun learning experiences!

How can you use these learning activities?

About TFO

The only French-language public media entirely dedicated to the Franco-Ontarian community.

TFO broadcasts and produces educational content primarily for this community. Whether through its educational television channel, its digital broadcasting platform, the ONFR news franchise, the educational content platform IDÉLLO, or the reading learning app Boukili, TFO provides French-speaking Ontarians and other official language minority communities with thousands of high-quality educational and inclusive content in French.

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